7 Super Fun Streetstyle Inspired Ways to Wear Neon ...

If you’re wondering how to wear the neon trend, I have a few streetstyle inspired ways to wear neon that you just have to see! Neon can be fun, but it’s tricky to wear — too much of it and you’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons! But taking cues from the stylish urban fashionistas I see every day, I’ve rocked the look, and you can too. Here are 7 streetstyle inspired ways to wear neon.

1. Neutrals and Neon

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Imagine this satchel by Cambridge Satchel, paired with a sandy-neutral outfit. Wow, would that pink pop! That’s why this bag, worn with nifty neutrals, is one of my favorite ways to wear neon! Don’t like the pink? No worries… it comes in neon green or yellow, too!

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