7 Street Style Ways to Wear Black and White ...

There are so many cool street style ways to wear black and white. I think it's such a timeless look; one always looks elegant and fabulous when wearing it! It's even become quite the trend at red carpet events. However, you don't have to be walking red carpets to look just as chic as our favorite celebs. Check out some of these ways to wear black and white and let me know which looks your favorites are. If you have any outfit ideas/tips, share them in the comments section.

1. Black over White

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I love the idea of an all-white ensemble with some subtle black touches. Pair a white tee with some white skinny jeans. For shoes, I'd go with some flats! Of course, depending on your personal style, you can swap that for some combat boots, or even some strappy heels. To complete the look, throw a black blazer over it. It'll polish up the look and you'll be ready to go. This is just one of the cool ways to wear black and white.

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