7 Super Fun Streetstyle Inspired Ways to Wear Neon ...


If you’re wondering how to wear the neon trend, I have a few streetstyle inspired ways to wear neon that you just have to see!

Neon can be fun, but it’s tricky to wear — too much of it and you’ll stand out for all the wrong reasons!

But taking cues from the stylish urban fashionistas I see every day, I’ve rocked the look, and you can too.

Here are 7 streetstyle inspired ways to wear neon.

1. Neutrals and Neon

Neutrals and Neon

Imagine this satchel by Cambridge Satchel, paired with a sandy-neutral outfit.

Wow, would that pink pop!

That’s why this bag, worn with nifty neutrals, is one of my favorite ways to wear neon!

Don’t like the pink?

No worries… it comes in neon green or yellow, too!2

2. Nautical Neon

Nautical Neon

Let’s take it one step farther, and wear this neon top with a pair of cropped pants and boat shoes or Keds for a nautical look with a little extra zing.

I found this top at ModCloth, but I’ve seen similar ones at Forever 21 and H&M.

How much fun would this be to wear to a summer evening date?

You’ll glow in the twilight!

3. All Together Now

All Together Now

Who says you have to only wear one neon hue in each ensemble?

This color block dress in all your favorite sherbet-neon colors is ideal for every date you have planned this summer.

It’s covered in glittery sequins, the exact opposite of your LBD.

It’ll be impossible to match this dress with neon shoes, so don’t try;

go for gold instead.

4. One Pop

One Pop

Sometimes it’s the little things that can make an outfit, and this neon necklace is the perfect example.

Pair it with a contrasting graphic print tee, add your favorite floral-print pants, and you’ve got a streetstyle-inspired outfit that’s sure to turn heads.

Or wear it to the office with a crisp white blouse and your favorite pencil skirt.

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