7 Street Style Jackets to Add to Your Wardrobe This Fall ...

There are so many different street style jackets that you NEED to have in your closet this fall! These jackets are all classic and timeless, so you'll get use out of them every year. The fall is one of my favorite seasons because it's nice and breezy out, but still not as cold as the winter. That means you can still wear fashionable summer pieces but with a fall twist on them! Check out some of the cool street style jackets I've been obsessing over lately.

1. Leather

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A classic leather jacket is essential in every wardrobe. It can instantly add an edge to your outfit and let's be real, it makes you look like a badass. What else could you possibly want?! I love the idea of pairing a leather jacket with a summer dress and Converse. It's the perfect transition between seasons. A leather jacket is one of many street style jackets that you need!

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