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I've always been obsessed with French street style, and my upcoming Paris honeymoon has me even more obsessed.

French women dress with a confidence, an eye, an attention to detail, and a certain insouciance that makes them stand out.

Because the most fashionable women know the value of classic pieces that fit beautifully, the classic French street style is easy to imitate even if you don't have a designer or couture budget.

Most of all, to me, French women prove that the size of your pants and your age don't matter.

As long as you own what you wear and choose timeless pieces, you'll look amazing.

How many of these looks would you own?

1. All Black


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As you'll see, wearing black is a common theme in French street style, because it's flattering, it's slimming, it goes with everything, and it's classic.

Some tailored trousers, a simple but beautiful top, and some killer shoes are all you need.

2. A Flawless Frock


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Look at how light and airy that dress is!

It's flirty and feminine but still perfectly stylish – and dare I say ladylike?

3. Layered up


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Even the street style culture in Paris appreciates the fine art of layering.

As long as you choose well tailored pieces, you'll still look perfectly put together.

I'm particularly in love with the jacket and the tights.

4. Denim Abroad


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I would never have expected a shirt like this to work so well.

I think it has quite a lot to do with the pants.

5. Stripe-tastic


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You'll see lots of stripes in French street style as well.

Here an oversized top mixes perfectly with tight leggings.

6. The Best Ensemble Ever


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That might be personal opinion, but that skirt is the world and her shoulders in that top are like accessories all their own.

Also, never be afraid to wear a stylish hat in France – especially in Paris.

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