7 Streetstyle Ways to Rock the Floral Trend This Spring ...

There are so many fantastic ways to rock the floral trend! Personally, floral is my go-to for any occasion. It's girly and feminine, but can also be dressed up with an edgy vibe. With spring coming, floral is the perfect trend to rock. Do you love to wear floral? Check out some of my favorite ways to rock the floral trend and look absolutely fab!

1. Flared Pants

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I don't think I could pull these off but I'm actually obsessed with this look. I think flared pants are awesome - I'm just more of a "skinny jeans" type of girl. To recreate this look, pick out a fun floral-printed pair of flared pants and pair it with a cute crop top! I'm loving this white one - it complements the pants really well without having the outfit look too overwhelming. These flared pants are just one of the cute ways to rock the floral trend.

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