Street Style Ways to Wear off the Shoulder Shirts for Spring ...

You don't have to slip into a tank-top or a sleeveless dress to show off your shoulders. Since it's still a bit chilly out, you should think about wearing off the shoulder shirts. That way, your shoulders will be exposed, but the rest of your arm can stay warm. If you own a few of these hot fashion items, here are some cute ways to wear off the shoulder shirts during Spring:

1. Wear It without a Bra

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When you wear off the shoulder shirts, your shoulders will be exposed. That means that everyone will be able to see your bra straps. There's nothing wrong with that, because everyone knows that you're wearing a bra anyway, but it can ruin your look. If you want your shoulders to be completely bare, then think about wearing a strapless bra. If your shirt is thick enough, then you don't even have to wear a bra at all. There's nothing wrong with going natural!

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