9 Street Style Ways to Wear a Varsity Jacket ...

The varsity jacket may seem like a preppy piece of clothing but these days there are a number of ways to wear a varsity jacket to suit your style. Whether you embrace all things Americana or give it a grunge twist, the varsity jacket is proving to be a versatile piece of clothing. Even more than that, it’s on point with this season’s tendency for sport inspired trends. Take a look at these ways to wear a varsity jacket, as seen on the streets.

1. Ladylike Streetwear

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When it comes to ways to wear a varsity jacket, try and think outside the box. Peggy was photographed by Victoria Adamson wearing her varsity jacket with a ladylike full skirt. She goes for a street inspired look and teams her outfit with sneakers and a slouchy cross body bag. A furry stole adds a glam touch. The colours in the outfit aren’t what you’d normally expect but they are well suited for the fall season.

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