7 Street Style Ways to Channel Serena Van Der Woodsen This Fall ...

There are so many awesome street style ways to channel Gossip Girl's Serena Van Der Woodsen this fall. While the show was still on, Serena was definitely my fashion inspiration. She always looked so well put-together and effortlessly cool and chic. Granted, Serena's wardrobe was probably worth way more than ours! Still, there are many easy ways that you can channel the fashionista that is Serena Van Der Woodsen this fall:

1. Colored Mini Dress

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Remember that iconic Gossip Girl scene where Blair and Serena took the cutest BFF photos in front of a NYC fountain? Well, you NEED those mini dresses in your life! It's the perfect Serena-esque item to have in your closet because it's perfect for any occasion. You can dress it up with heels or tone it down by adding a blazer and some flats for a coffee run. This is just one of the many cool street style ways to channel Serena Van Der Woodsen!

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