Kate Middleton's Street Style Inspos You Can Copy ...

Everyone knows that Kate Middleton is one of the biggest style icons of our generation, which means that it can be pretty difficult to copy her style. If you love her style but have some trouble recreating it for yourself, this list is sure to help you with all of your fashion woes!

1. A Simple White Jean

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This seems like a pretty old picture (when was the last time Kate was able to go out for a shop alone without it being a national incident), and even still, her style is impeccable. To recreate it, simply wear a light gray sweater with fitted white skinny jeans. To add the pop of color that Kate did, simply pair the look with a nice burgundy scarf. I think that you could easily recreate this outfit for less than $40 from Target! It’s a bunch of basics that together create a chic look!

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