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How to Pull off the Track Pants Style ...

By Eliza

I was kind of skeptical when I heard that track pants were trending for something other than running. It's true - track pants are having a moment and you can easily pull them off for a variety of instances, including work and play. Need some inspiration? You're not alone. I needed lots of help with this one. Use these photos to help you get the look perfect each and every day.

Table of contents:

  1. Paired with a slouchy shirt and heels
  2. Color blocked track pants with a solid shirt
  3. Striped track pants and a fedora
  4. Try them in red
  5. Go casual
  6. Everyone needs leather track pants
  7. Paired with a jacket
  8. Try track pants with a bustier
  9. Paired with a button down
  10. Try a sweater and comfy shoes
  11. Mix your track pants with a vest and heels
  12. Go all black
  13. Striped heels and fur
  14. Cute shoes and a big bag
  15. Wear them under a skirt
  16. Wear them with a great coat and a clutch
  17. Olive green and white
  18. Wear a matching hat
  19. Patterned track pants with a jean jacket
  20. Double up on stripes
  21. Try a fun color

1 Paired with a Slouchy Shirt and Heels

These track pants look so great that you can't even tell they were once designed for exercise.

2 Color Blocked Track Pants with a Solid Shirt

These color blocked pants look great with the black top, but you could easily pair them with bright colors too.

3 Striped Track Pants and a Fedora

This look is part casual, part dressed up so you can rock it any number of places.

4 Try Them in Red

What girl doesn't need a pair of bright red track pants in her closet?

5 Go Casual

This is the perfect way to wear track pants for a casual day on the town.

6 Everyone Needs Leather Track Pants

What would you wear leather track pants with?

7 Paired with a Jacket

This look is perfect for work. You get to be totally comfy, but you look professional. Perfect!

8 Try Track Pants with a Bustier

Doesn't this look fabulous? Where would you wear this outfit?

9 Paired with a Button down

Wear this fabulous outfit for a day of shopping or lounging with your date at home.

10 Try a Sweater and Comfy Shoes

See? You can be totally comfy and still look hot at the same time!

11 Mix Your Track Pants with a Vest and Heels

I love how this look is totally casual, but the heels give it a sexy edge.

12 Go All Black

You can never go wrong when you wear all black.

13 Striped Heels and Fur

This looks warm and trendy at the same time.

14 Cute Shoes and a Big Bag

This look just proves that running shoes and a big bag work really well together.

15 Wear Them under a Skirt

Try something totally different and wear your track pants under a wrap skirt.

16 Wear Them with a Great Coat and a Clutch

There's nothing about this outfit not to totally love, right?

17 Olive Green and White

This color combo is a no-brainer during any type of weather.

18 Wear a Matching Hat

Doesn't this look adorable? What a perfect thing to wear on a casual day around town.

19 Patterned Track Pants with a Jean Jacket

These are the track pants that top my list of must-haves. They look so perfect with the jean jacket.

20 Double up on Stripes

You can definitely wear stripes on top and on bottom if you do it like this.

21 Try a Fun Color

Your track pants don't have to be a neutral color. Wear them in all your favorite shades.

Do you think you could pull off the track pants trend? How would you do it?

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