9 Eye-Catching Colourful Street Style Looks You Can Recreate ...

Looking at colourful street style looks can be a great way to get a dose of colour therapy. If your wardrobe is looking a bit drab, a dose of colour may just be what the doctor ordered! This season is the time to be experimenting with colour. Putting together a bright outfit combination may require a certain eye for colour, but once you’ve mastered it there’s no turning back. Take a look at these colourful street style looks that you could easily recreate.

1. Colour Pop Layers

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Colourful street style looks can be spotted all year round, you just have to keep an eye out for them! While spring and summer are traditionally the seasons for colour, that doesn’t mean that you can’t dress colourfully in winter. This wonderfully colourful outfit was snapped by Lee Oliveira. The colour pop knit layers are anchored with a neutral brown clutch and black opaque stockings. You could easily try out this colour combination any time of the year.

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