8 Best Streetstyle Accessories for Spring ...

Now that the season has finally changed, I’ve been dying to find some new streetstyle accessories for spring, the extras that will get my outfits noticed and appreciated by all the other fashionistas on the avenue. I’ve made my list and checked it twice, now I just have to click “add to shopping cart” and I’m on my way! What are these must-have streetstyle accessories for spring, and where did I find them? Keep reading!

1. Bright Handbag

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This classic satchel/messenger bag just had to top my list of the best streetstyle accessories for spring! It’s available in a rainbow of brilliant (and neutral) hues, but this bright green is my favorite… although I’m also fond of the bubble-gum pink… anyway! Whichever bright color you choose, this bag is functional enough for work, and sure to get you noticed on the street and beyond!

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