7 Awesome Reasons to Love Dieselpunk ...


I love sharing with you information about my favorite subpunk variant, steampunk, and want to introduce you to a few reasons to love dieselpunk, another member of the subpunk family! The subpunk world is a fantastic place. Dieselpunk is a little known member of the subpunk subgenre. Similar to steampunk, the term dieselpunk was recently created and retroactively applied to fashion and art fusing military functionality with vintage interwar aesthetics. It also blends the diesel powered past with extreme scientific visions of the future in a manner reminiscent of its steampunk cousin. The result is a retro-futuristic vision that is practical and dreamy but also mechanically exaggerated in its form and function. We hope you enjoy this brief list of seven reasons to love dieselpunk.

1. Strong Women and Rosie the Riveter

Strong Women and Rosie the Riveter

We start our list of reasons to love dieselpunk with a wonderful cultural icon: Rosie the Riveter. She is a fantastic symbol of a kickass woman. The image appears many times in dieselpunk for a variety of reasons, such as her symbolism as a strong woman (physically and mentally), diesel machinery, wartime era, and 1940s wartime fashion. The 1940s Americana timeframe is on par with the world war context and can-do attitude. Dieselpunk combines 1930s and '40s history with diesel powered machinery and retro-futuristic design. Rosie's image is a big part of the empowered smart woman focus that subpunk promotes.

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