7 Adorable Street Style Looks from Adrienne Bailon ...

There are so many fantastic street style looks from Adrienne Bailon. If you've kept up with her career, then you know that she's become a style icon on the red carpets. I mean, did you see all her outfits at this year's New York Fashion Week? Check out some of the street style looks from Adrienne Bailon and then let me know which looks your favorites are!

1. Denim + Leather

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A lot of people tend to choose either denim or leather. Not many think of pairing the two together! I love the idea of pairing a chambray shirt with black leather shorts, or even a skirt. Of course, leather doesn't always mean black. You could rock some awesome colored leather, like red or brown. Pairing denim and leather is just one of many awesome street style looks from Adrienne Bailon.

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