7 Adorable Overall Outfit Ideas to Recreate ...

This spring and summer, check out these adorable overall outfit ideas! It's a really cute trend and I'm so glad it's making its 'comeback' in the fashion scene. There are so many fantastic ways that you can style your overalls, including different patterns and colors! Check out some of my favorite overall outfit ideas. If you have any style tips, share them in the comments section.

1. Colorful

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An easy way to make a fashion statement is with colored overalls! Stick with a solid colored shirt (either black or white) and then add your pop of color with the overalls. You can find some adorable (and affordable) ones at American Apparel. Personally, I'd go with soft colors like pastels, because that's what spring/summer is all about. Colored overalls are just one of many adorable overall outfit ideas to recreate.

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