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Sometimes it just doesn't make sense to get changed when you leave the gym, but that doesn't mean you want to look gross.

At the same time, maybe you're planning to hit the gym later, but won't have a place or the time to change.

In either case, you can rock the workout gear without losing your style.

Check it out!

1. Make Sure It Matches

Make Sure It Matches

If you're going out in workout clothes, make sure they coordinate.

2. Choose Trendy Cuts

Choose Trendy Cuts

This workout shirt is just about perfect, don't you think?

3. Top It off

Top It off

Wear a cute hoodie to give your workout wear some personality.

4. Do Something Sheer

Do Something Sheer

This outfit is perfect for exercising and looking good on the street.

5. Something Different

Something Different

Do something a little bit different to keep your style shining through your workout.

6. Make Sure It Flatters

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If you're going to wear your workout clothes around time, make sure they fit you right.

7. Awesome Jacket

Awesome Jacket

Make your workout clothes worthy of going out by adding a great jacket and a scarf.

8. Layer It on

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This is ideal for the gym and you could add a tank or fitted t-shirt when you leave.

9. Sweatshirt and Leggings

Sweatshirt and Leggings

Would you wear this out and about?

10. Cute Shoes

Cute Shoes

Wear the cute shoes until you get to the gym, then trade them for the workout shoes.

11. With a Cute Hairstyle

With a Cute Hairstyle

Any workout gear can look better when you rock a cute hairstyle.

12. Fun Patterns

Fun Patterns

You can never go wrong with a funky print like this one.

13. All Black with a Hint of Color

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All black will always look great!

14. Stay Coordinated

Stay Coordinated

Keep a workout set together so you look put together too.

15. Get a Cute Bag

Get a Cute Bag

16. Add Some Color

Add Some Color

Stay stylish by adding some pops of color to your workout wear.

Do Something Shiny
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