9 Street Style Ways to Wear a Classic Denim Shirt ...

There might seem like a limited number of ways to wear a classic denim shirt but you can vary your outfits every now and then. The denim shirt is timeless and is great for working a casual daytime look. It can quickly become a workhorse of your wardrobe. Team one with black jeans and loafers for an effortlessly chic look or with a patterned skirt for something a bit more fun. Take a look at these street style ways to wear a classic denim shirt for inspiration.

1. Polished

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When it comes to ways to wear a classic denim shirt, teaming it with black separates is a simple yet effortlessly stylish choice. Alison was photographed by Kate Warren for Refinery 29 wearing her classic denim shirt with black leather leggings, black boots, and an oversized black handbag. An embellished collared coat added a bit of drama to this otherwise basic outfit.

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